Monday, June 24, 2013

Injury Report: Pelfrey's Back

On Sunday, the Twins placed RHP Mike Pelfrey on the 15-day DL, retroactive to June 19 (the last time he pitched), with a strained back.

His back tightened up during pre-game exercising on Saturday. He couldn't get it loose before his scheduled start on Sunday, so on the DL he went.

There's no indication of whether he'll be able to return when he's eligible, but it's doubtful this injury is serious.

LHP Pedro Hernandez was recalled to start on Sunday, and then was promptly optioned back after the game. It was a good thing that Pelfrey mentioned his sore back on Saturday; it gave the Twins time to notify Hernandez so he could drive six hours from Louisville, Kentucky, (where the Red Wings were playing) to Cleveland. If Pelfrey had waited until he woke up on Sunday to report it, the Twins would have been up a creek. Anthony Swarzak normally would've been able to make a spot start, but since he had to clean up PJ Walters' horrible one-inning start on Saturday, he was unavailable.

Although the transaction hasn't been officially made yet, the Twins have announced that they're calling up Kyle Gibson to replace Pelfrey on the roster. THE Kyle Gibson.


Daryl @ bownet big mouth said...

A back injury is one that really makes you feel broken. You can't really do anything when your back isn't cooperating. And from a re-hab standpoint you can't do much but rest it and let it heal on it's own.

Brooke said...

I remember when Pelfrey had this injury! My brother was so upset because he's a big fan and was awaiting his return. Thanks for sharing, if it's okay I saw some awesome baseball quotes that I wanted to share with you here: Baseball Slogans