Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Injury Report: Mastroianni AND Wait...Who's This? Oswaldo Arcia (belated)

The Twins have placed Darin Mastroianni on the 15-day disabled list with a stress reaction to his left ankle.

A stress reaction is an injury to the bone, but no fracture is seen on the imaging -- kind of like a "pre- stress fracture," I guess. It's usually happens with runners, often caused by the force of pounding of the feet on the ground and compounded by improper shoes. It can also be caused by bone deficiencies like osteoporosis.

He's been nursing a sprained ankle and bone bruise since the last week of Spring Training. It's not clear if this is related to that, but I am willing to bet it is.

And recovery doesn't sound like it's going to be a walk in the park. He needs a boot. And he needs to be non-ambulatory for a while. In fact, according to the StarTribune's Phil Miller:

The Twins will recall Oswaldo Arcia to replace Mastro's roster spot.



Note: I should have introduced you to Oswaldo Arcia before Monday, because that's when he got to play. I figured I could get to it on Tuesday, but he was sent right back down (he was up because Wilkin Ramirez was on paternity leave). But now that we'll get a good, long look at him, here he is.

Wait Now...Who's This?

Oswaldo Arcia

Bats lefty; throws righty
Almost 22 years old

What he looks like:

Source: Getty Images

Where did he come from:

Signed as a 16-year-old free agent.

A few things to get excited about:

  • He's a highly-rated prospect
  • He's young
  • He has some power and is generally a good all-around hitter

A few things to temper your enthusiasm

  • His strikeout and walk rates are something one would want for a pitcher, but he's a hitter
  • He's not really a center fielder (in case you're thinking he could fill in for Aaron Hicks)
  • He's still young

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