Friday, October 28, 2011

Now What...?

Baseball's World Series is like Christmas when you were a kid. There's all this build up for it and everyone talks about it and you're so excited for it to finallllllllly just get here already. And then when it gets here, you're so happy and you get all kinds of awesome presents, and you think that nothing could ever get better than this.  Ever. And sometimes you get a super nice gift, the one you always ask for but don't dare actually deep-down hope for because you usually don't ever get lucky enough to get everything you want. ... And then. ... And then you wake up the next day and you realize ... it's over. And you're bummed and you think "now what" and you're bummed but you don't think you can admit you're bummed because you just received all those awesome gifts and you don't want the grown ups to think you're ungrateful, and you're not ungrateful at all. ... Just bummed. And lonely. But the World Series is different because those gifts are only memories now and you don't really have a bunch of new toys to play with or clothes to wear. And you're really lonely and all you have is a countdown to when pitchers and catchers report.

Hearty congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals; and thank you and the Texas Rangers for an awesome post season.

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