Sunday, May 15, 2011


Yes, I've been absent for a while. I am in the middle of a project that I must finish by tomorrow night, so I've been busy with that. In fact, I've got to keep this quick.

Not that I have much that I want to write about. It's damned hard to refrain from bitching and complaining while this Twins team plays like their desire to win is absent. I don't want to spend a lot of energy ranting and grousing -- there are plenty of other blogs that do that. Oh, fans certainly deserve to rant, grouse, complain, and bitch; I certainly don't blame them, I just don't have the desire. Even the neutral, facts only type blogs are tough to read; no one can scrape together two nice things to say about this mess.

We all know nothing is going right; and fans are mad. This series against the Blue Jays exposed a lot of faults: not locating pitches, not making adjustments, not fielding routine plays, on and on and on. This team is not having fun and it shows. The fans aren't having fun either.

Time to change subjects; I promised not to start complaining...


DL Report:

Yup. It's time to break out the DL paper doll machine.

Left-handed relief pitcher Jose Mijares has been placed on the DL with a strained elbow.

In his relief appearance on Saturday, his velocity was down and his command was virtually non-existent.

RHP Anthony Swarzak has been recalled from AAA to take his place.

Additionally, the Twins felt that the services of Jim Hoey were no longer required, so they reassigned him to AAA. The Twins purchased the contract of LHP Phil Dumatrait to take his place.

To make room on the 40-man roster for Dumatrait, the Twins designated C Steve Holm for assignment. This means that Holm must pass through waivers.

Other DL Updates:

OF Delmon Young has been activated (did anyone tell him that, because he played on Sunday like he was still resting) and OF Rene Tosoni has been reassigned to AAA Rochester to make room.

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