Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's Good to Have Friends

No Twins news lately. So, I wanted to give a little love to some friends of mine and of this blog. I really like what they're doing, and I want to give them a shout out.


The Ladies:

Let me tell you, female sports fans and bloggers don't always enjoy the attention the guys do (boy, don't I know it). Well, Cubs blogger Julie DiCaro decided to do something about it, and formed, G9 Sports, a network of sports blogs written solely by female writers. I imagine this was an awesome undertaking -- organizing all those writers, obtaining web hosting, getting the site designed, and so on. Wow. And it looks great.

The Twins are delightfully represented by two blogs:

I know these gals personally and I've read their other works. I know you'll love these efforts. Be sure to check them out, along with the other writers on the G9 Sports network.


Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook by Seth Stohs

Seth is at it again. If you read this blog, chances are that you already read Seth's blog, so you already know that his 2011 Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook is ready. This is a fun book to have around. I like to pick one or two prospects to keep an eye on and follow, and he gives me all the information I need. Seth does a great job, and it's clear that he likes writing about all the prospects.

If you're planning to go to Spring Training, I recommend you order it soon. It would be great to have handy as you're watching the prospects practice and play.


Maple Street Press 2011 Twins Annual

It's time to pre-order the Twins Annual, written by the TwinsCentric guys (John Bonnes, a.k.a. Twins Geek; Seth Stohs; Parker Hageman, a.k.a. Over the Baggy; and Nick Nelson) and others. I bought last year's edition and I loved it; it's a beautiful publication with informative and interesting articles.


DiamondCentric Clothing

You know you want a "Thome is My Homey" t-shirt just like mine. Or a "I Love Koobs" t-shirt. Make sure you check out all of DiamondCentric offerings. Parker Hageman has a hand in this.

I just love my "Thome" shirt. It fits, wears, and washes well. And it's so soft and comfy.


And the Others

Generally speaking, make sure you check out the blogs I have listed in the sidebar. The Twins fan community is great, and we're quite lucky to have so many great writers contributing to a fun fan discussion. Many of these folks are my friends in real life, Twitter friends, and/or Facebook friends. I love being part of this great group.


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