Monday, November 16, 2009

New Duds

Because it's only fitting that they get new duds for the new digs, the Twins unveiled their new uniform collection for next season.

The Star Tribune has a great photo gallery. And Haas took some great photos at the ceremony.

The Logo: I love it. It's sleeker than the old one, but still classic. I like the addition of "Baseball Club."

new logo

old logo

The Primary Home Uniforms: They're very similar to the previous primary home unis, with the Twins in the new stylized font. I'm happy.

The Secondary Home Uniforms: Cream-colored and very much like the uniforms of 1961. Nice.

The Road Uniforms: I don't like them. They remind me of Detroit's road uniforms. Detroit's road uniforms are just fine -- for the Tigers.

The Home Cap: Unchanged. Good. I love the TC.

The Road Cap: The main road cap will be just like the home one, with the TC, with a red bill. However, they did not completely get rid of the ones with the "M" logo. I guess Joe Mauer was fond of the "M" caps. And, hey, keeping it just for him is good practice for the "whatever Joey wants, Joey gets" negotiating philosophy.

I do know one thing: seeing Denard and Scotty all dressed and ready to play made me a little excited for the season to start.


Louie Schuth said...

For some reason I really like the new road uni's.

k-bro said...

Yeah, I noticed that the Twitter crowd was split -- especially regarding the road unis. And in my own household, we're evenly split on them too.

Jim H. said...

The baseball seams on the logo went from a two-seam fastball grip to a slider grip. A hint to Liriano?

Liz Strand said...

I love the throwbacks. Still dreaming of the powder blue ones someday! Road unis reminded me of Atlanta Braves, especially due to the colors. I think baseball needs to enter the modern era. Washing machines are rather common these days. The need to have gray uniforms to hide dirt during road trips seems to be a bit outdated. I may blog about it, but I'd like to see baseball join the other sports with white & a solid color!