Tuesday, October 13, 2009

66 Ways to Awesome!

If you remember, back at the beginning of September, the Twins were in a losing funk, and it drove me crazy. It also drove me to proclaim, in an effort to make it fun to watch this team, that for every Twins win, I would donate 2 food items to my local food shelf. For good measure, I also decided to donate 1 item for every Tigers loss.

I figured this would be kind of fun -- I was going to donate to a food drive anyway, so this just answered how much. And I was right; once I got going, I did have fun. It capped off the joy I had watching this team have the remarkable finish they had. It really is a great way to celebrate my favorite team's success.

The month started off to a slow start. In fact, at one point, I had to add some food for White Sox losses too, because they had pushed the Twins into third place. Then, the Twins started winning, the Tigers started losing, and we needed the Sox to beat the Tigers, so I stopped adding in that column.

If you're keeping score at home, it breaks down like this:

Twins wins = 21 x 2 = 42
Tigers losses = 16
White Sox losses = 8 (from 9/12 to 9/24)

42 + 16 + 8 = 66

Wow! This is waaaay more than I expected! But then, I never expected them to win the Division Championship. And I love it.

And here's what 66 items of food looks like:

Actually, it's 70 items. In a fit of optimism, I over-purchased. No matter, we'll just call it a Division Champion bonus.

So, it's all bagged up now, ready to go to the Hanover (MN) area Food Shelf of St. Paul's Lutheran Church.

And hubby is thrilled that all that food will be leaving our dining room soon.

I'd like to thank the following folks for joining me in donating, mentioning this drive on their blogs, and encouraging their readers to donate:

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

If you participated, and you want to tell your story, please put it in the comments. Or if you want to send a picture, email me at the address on the left.

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Ruby Rutabaga said...

Awesome work, k-bro! Kudos to you for this brilliant idea. I've been a recipient myself (a time or two in my life) at food shelves and, while it's not an easy thing to do, you do what ya gotta do.

I know that right now, with the economy as it is, that the food shelves are struggling to meet the higher demand. Thanks for your generosity of spirit. You rock!

As always,
Ruby Rutabaga
(Cowgirlwriter's (way, way) distant cousin)