Saturday, December 20, 2008


Goodness, it's been a boring off-season, hasn't it? And it doesn't seem that it's going to get interesting any time soon. Especially for Twins fans. I mean, seriously, as happy as I am that they re-signed Nicky Punto, that's the only thing they've done, and it's not really a lot to talk about.

You know things are dull when I'm fascinated in Rafael Furcal's "I'll pick you. Wait -- no, I'll pick them" escapades. Wow.

In fact, I'm so bored, I started a whole new blog. I was inspired when I wrote that post a few weeks ago about the 10 Business Cliches that Need to Die. So, if you hate cliches as much as I do, check out The Cliche Slayer.


Shelley said...

My friend, who happens to be a bitchsox fan (booo), said last night, "Well, at least they Twins didn't signed anyone like Livan Hernandez, this past week."

To which I replied, "Oh, just wait... it's too early for that to happen. The washed up players get signed later on in the off season."

Soon, we'll have something to talk about, k-bro. I like the calm before the storm.

k-bro said...


I suppose your friend has a point. I guess I should be careful what I wish for (to use a cliche). I wouldn't want to, for example, lose one of our starting pitchers just so I could have something to talk about. And we really could do without the Livan Hernandezes/Ramon Ortizes/Tony Batistas/Bret Booneses of the world.