Monday, November 24, 2008

Catching Up With Old Friends

I was looking at my old MySpace account (I don't really use it any more, I'm more of a Twitter girl now), and I ran across this little nugget I wrote a little over a year ago. I admit I was pretty bitter at the time. Now...well, I think I'm ok. Remember how this felt...?

Lies and Ironies -- A Play in Two Acts

Act I

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Twins Fan: So Torii, how's it going with the free agency?
Torii Hunter:
It's a headache.
Fan: Who've you been talking to?
Torii: The White Sox, the Rangers, the Royals. Oh, and the Dodgers want to talk to me too.
Fan: So when will you be making a decision?
Torii: Ah, I want to have a peaceful Thanksgiving with my family. I won't decide anything until after that.
Fan: But you're gonna let the Twins have a final shot at a deal before you sign with someone else, right?
Torii: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Definitely.
Fan: So, really? It's not about the money, huh?
Torii: Really. It's not about the money.

Act II

The next morning -- Thanksgiving Day, 2007

TV Sports Dude: Torii Hunter is no longer a Twin. Overnight, he signed a 5-year, 90-million dollar deal with the Angels.
Fan: Torii! Dude! What happened to all that stuff you told me yesterday?
Torii: (laughs) Psych!
Fan: Aahh! So it was about the money. Silly me. I should have known.
Torii: (laughing as he leaves)

Fan: Well, then. Buh-bye.

The End.


I found some amusing news stories about some former and current players:


Shelley said...

I think Silva is going through separation anxiety being 3000 miles away from his buddy, Johan.

Separating anxiety (Torii and Johan) might explain some things... or it could be the lack of exercise.

Shelley said...

I was referring to me, btw, with the lack of exercise. *sigh*

k-bro said...


I hear you on the lack of exercise thing. Who wants to exercise in these cold, dark climates, anyway?